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June 25, 2012:
Trilogy is burning up the charts and creating plenty of controversy along the way! It is also gaining attention from publishers and filmmakers.


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Book a big hit and selling for big bucks

Fifty Shades of Gray, which started as a bestseller on the Kindle platform, has moved into the mainstream and can now be bought at Costco, Barnes & Noble, and just about anywhere else that books are sold. As a quick hint for moneysavers and cheapskates, there is also a big stack of used copies at just about every secondhand bookstore. Copies are being passed around everywhere, and the Fifty Shades phenomenon has anecdotally created a run on novelties and other accoutrements associated with the genre. There are also a number of parodies and takeoffs designed to capture this new trend in mature fiction with overtones of naughtiness. For anyone who wants to read the story of a wild billionaire and the woman who arouses his interest by not giving him what he wants, the trilogy is a hit and an encouragement for any frustrated writer who wants to break into the publishing industry, which despite all assertions is not actually dead.

The initial print run for the Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy is expected to be 750,000 copies and the first book came out on April 3, 2012, but this trilogy has already become something of a word-of-mouth sensation among New York City housewives. Described as the literary equivalent of a viral video, Fifty Shades of Gray is a popular seller on Kindle and is expected to get a movie deal in record time, since its appeal goes beyond teen fiction and into a more mature and sophisiticed genre, to put it nicely. .

Notes and Special Information

Special note: From what we are able to glean from reviews, the trilogy is not for young readers, so just tell them it doesn't have any vampires or werewolves or zombies in it.

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